Ming and Madilyn (aka. Ping)


Hello! I'm Ming. I am a Panda Bear born in the United States. English is my first language, but my family can speak Chinese. I want to learn too! Please practice with me.

I love to explore but sometimes I get a little nervous. Luckily, I have my best friend Madilyn with me. 


Hi you pretty people! I'm Madilyn (aka. Ping, my Chinese name). My father is a Grizzly Bear and my mother is a Panda Bear. They have created a very spunky and mischievous little ol' me.  There's no other bear like me. I'm mixed which is why I have such unique and beautiful features. 

I love to explore, but sometimes I get into a little bit of trouble. Luckily, I have my buddy Ming to go with me on adventures. See you soon!