About Us


Hello! I’m Theodora and my daughter is M. We love to sing and be silly. From only a few months old, I found the most enticing way to teach my little one was through singing and song.

M is very opinionated, independent, and creative, which I love about her. Even at two years of age, she liked to take part in family discussions and make decisions. I wanted to encourage these traits, so we created this book. We really enjoyed the process and even though it was quite a journey, we are finally done and we hope you enjoy it too!

Our goal:
Indyfink was born out of love from a mother, but love is not the only thing a child needs to be successful. Children need the tools to spark their joy and interest in order to express and develop their own creativity. We're just starting off, but that is our ultimate goal. At Indyfink, we hope to promote these independent thinkers, so they stand out from the crowd and channel their independent thinking to success!